KZN and GP Civil unrest

The National Bargaining Council for the Private Security Sector (“NBCPSS”) engages with you today, following the current civil unrest and protests that continue throughout KwaZulu-Natal and in Gauteng. Following reports of blockages on many provincial and municipal transit routes, increased violence, vandalism, and criminal activity at commercial centres, and calls for calm by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The NBCPSS strongly affirms the call for the return of peace, calm and stability in our province, the country and condemns the current actions by civilians. The past few days have been extremely challenging for the private security sector. The private security sector has seen violent incidents and unprecedented and extremely disturbing situations as part of the unrest and protests, as it poses a threat to human lives and carries the potential to destabilise our sector, a delicate time when we are trying to recover from the severe damage caused by the COVID – 19 pandemic.
The NBCPSS received concerning statements from security companies and their employees who had to suspend their operations due to the inability to transport and allow security employees to continue their much-required duties to protect and safeguard its clients and properties. More significantly, the employees deployed in the sector are facing life-threatening situations whilst protecting others.

The NBCPSS urge all trade unions and employer organisations to ensure that all possible is done to safeguard employees and to consider the current civil unrest and protest. Furthermore, it is imperative that all involved in the security sector maintain the aim and objectives of the sector and not to act outside the framework of the law in any way whatsoever.
Sincere gratitude to all employees and employers who are putting themselves at risk and fulfilling their duties beyond what is expected to ensure the safety of members of the public and their properties.

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