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Industry Circular

23 June 2021


We remind all employers in the Private Security Sector that the Main Collective Agreement (“the Agreement”) has been published and gazetted by the Minister of Employment and Labour in terms of section 32 of the Labour Relations Act, 1995 (“LRA”).  Accordingly, the Agreement binds all employers and employees in the Private Security Sector.

  1. In terms of clause 4(5) of the Agreement, we, as the National Bargaining Council for the Private Security Sector (“Council”), appointed Affinity Health (Pty) Limited as the sole approved service provider for hospital cover.  Any other organisation representing that it has the necessary approval to provide the hospital cover benefit does so without the Council’s authority. 
  • All employers in the Private Security Sector are required to ensure that all their employees belong to the hospital cover scheme offered by Affinity Health (Pty) Limited, except where an employer has applied for an exemption and such an exemption has been granted by the Council.
  • Employers are further reminded that pursuant to the appointment of Affinity Health (Pty) Limited, joining any other service provider for the provision of hospital cover is not permitted.  In the event that an employer elects to utilise the services of any service provider for the provision of hospital cover, other than Affinity Health (Pty) Limited, such an employer would be acting in breach of the Agreement. 
  • In the event of an employer breaching the Agreement, the Council is entitled to institute enforcement proceedings in terms of section 33A of the LRA, which may result in the arbitrator making an appropriate award, including ordering an employer to pay an amount owing for failure to comply with clause 4(5) of the Agreement and imposing a fine for failing to comply with the Agreement.

If you require further information in this regard, please contact the NBCPSS at 010 800-2321.

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