It is drawn to the attention of the Industry that the Employers’ Organisations, SASA and SANSEA have brought an Exemption application in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and, after an agreement reached with Organised Labour, have been granted an Exemption in the following terms:

1.   Effective 1 March 2021 the members of SASA and SANSEA are exempted

from payment of the increase to Security Officer Premium Allowances provided in terms of clause 4(4) of the Bargaining Council’s Main Collective Agreement (“MCA”) above that stipulated for year one.

2.   The current premium allowance of R175.00 remains payable to employees for

SASA and SANSEA members.

Other parties are reminded of their right to apply for Exemption. The Council’s Exemptions Body will consider Exemptions brought by any other parties seeking the same exemption in similar circumstances.

Persons wishing to apply for such an Exemption should make application by completing
and submitting the Council’s Exemption form available on its website and referencing this

Registered in terms of Section 29 (15)(a) of the Labour Relations Act, 1995
                                           Reference LR 2/6/6/164

14 thoughts on “iNDUSTRY CIRCULAR 01 OF 2021”

  1. Covid caused many people to struggle not only the companies. I was working alone during that time. Now im a financial wreck. I need evrry cent. Rather stop the provident fund for a period. Let employees get out more.

  2. I’m koko Alfred Mseyisi. I working for Secma International security here in Gansbaai. This company was not paid us the premium allowance of R175 in 2020. Start to pay us now this R175 instead R270 this year. Why this company doing this?

  3. So the aim of bargaining council is to downgrade us as security office’s, provided fund will be increased, pairs will be increased along with R7 bargaining stipend. R150 is also going to be deducted. But R270 increase is with hold.

    1. That’s one thing that I really don’t understand, everything is increasing,but the salary premium goes down instead of up

  4. good day
    I am employed at bidvest protea working as security officer, we haven’t receive increament for premium allowance as was set to increase to R270 per month now we receive an memorandum from the company premium allowance for security office wll remain unchanged and will remain R175 for duration of the second year operation of the agreement which is from march 2021 to the end of February 2022
    any clarification in terms of premium allowance,

  5. NBR for the private security sector how or when are you going to resolve the issue of security company that are taking money form the guards but don’t contribute to PSSPF(Salt) which so called Sald have no or nor showed interest to enforce employers to pay the money on behalf of employees?🤷‍♂️ and still you commit to work together with solt that have failed security official’s for so many years how mast we trust you 🤨? you use medical health insurance to coordinate them wow 😏when will black man be free ?🤔🤔

  6. I want to know that by when will I receive my membership card,as this hospital cover thing are going to make second deduction now

  7. Hi there, my name is Mzwake Heshu, working under G4S Secure Solution,I would like to request for declaration about the R150 deductions of affinity hospital cover which reflect continuously in my payslip,this unexpected deductions, will useful how when where, as a part of medical aid scheme which seems enforced to us without our confirmations, when are the membership cards will be supplied then, because we need them, or else are we not value any employment rights in South Africa on Security Sector5

  8. it’s sad when companies like Upright security services psira reg: 2831908 under director/owner Zolton Koopman and her wife minnie Koopman are left unpunished when they don’t deduct and submit uif and provident fund from their employees not even paying the R175 premium allowance, realy it’s a shame and it shows there’s still a lot of corruption that needs to be uprooted from this industry.

  9. This is absurd, its like the security officers are the only ones not affected by covid19, it’s like we don’t need that money. Transport went up, food went up everything is increasing but not for us.

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